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Chrome license plate holder 1 piece straight and curved 1 piece, 520 x 112 mm
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Chrome license plate holder 1 piece straight and curved 1 piece, 520 x 112 mm

The kit consists of 1 straight license plate bracket for rear bumper and 1 curved license plate bracket for front bumper.
Absolutely fixed carwash.
Suitable for all car models with arched No. sign out front.
The material is high-quality plastic and echtverchromt.
Each license plate bracket consists of a black base support and a chromed frame.

Scope of supply: 2 chrome license plate holder (1 straight and 1gewölbter)

Please check what kind of license plate bracket you need for your car. (Straight or curved)

The license plate bracket fit into following countries:
- Germany
- Great Britain
- Netherlands
- Norway
- Poland
- Portugal - Sweden
- Slovakia
- Spain
- Czech Republic
- Turkey

Note: The curved license plate bracket has a curvature, the curved almost all bumpers fit.
With this license plate bracket, it is possible without bending a chrome holder and without the Chrome breaks, to be mounted on curved plate shots.
In wedge-shaped receptacles (bumpers) the curved license plate bracket do not fit.

Fits only in the countries listed here.
Passar endast i de länder som anges här
Passer bare i de landene som er oppført her
Convient seulement dans les pays listés ici
Past alleen in de hier genoemde landen
Passer bare i de landene som er oppført her
Se ajusta sólo en los países enumerados aquí
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Installation note:
Screw first the black base plate so that the stamped signature is legible in the base plate.
Then you have the correct side up.
In the black base plate up and down on the front pin, slide the license plate sideways into under the pins.
The license plate then closes with the outer edge of the plate and is fixedly attached to the base plate.
In recessed license plate positions in the boot lid, the license plate must be bent when inserted under the pins.
When retracted, the license plate is then straighten.
Hang the chrome frame first down in the pin of the base plate, and then let the chrome frame in the upper pin lock.

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